• Marjorie Thompson

The Westin Los Angeles Review

5400 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90045 United States of America

4-Star Hotel ⭐⭐⭐⭐

First, let me say this was my own personal experience with The Westin Los Angeles.

I was there from December 25-26 2019. I spent the night on my road trip to Washington State. I was with my family and 2 dogs. I used my own money to book this hotel. This was not a free stay.

Price Paid including taxes and fees for 1 night:

$126.18+ $48.00 for Parking + $50 Deposit you get back when you check out

The Hotel:

My first thought when I walked in was " DAM, this is fancy!" There was a decent amount of people there for it being Christmas night. It was overall clean and well kept. I have nothing bad to say about the hotel its self.


I personally didn't use the pool & fitness center because I was only there one night and I wanted to visit the family I had in Los Angeles with the time I had. I didn't need to use the Airport shuttle service because I was on a road trip and had my own car. I think they should have more amenities for the price of the hotel. They should have free breakfast and free wifi at least.

The Room:

I loved the way the room was laid out. It was clean and well decorated. The beds were comfortable and the blankets warm and well made. The bathroom was awesome. I loved the way the shower had 2 showerheads.

The Staff:

The staff at the front desk was super nice and accommodating. They helped me with everything I needed, even when I got stuck in the parking garage. The bellhop/ Valet staff was great as well. The maid service was also nice. They didn't go out the way to help, but I did get extra towels so I can't complain. There was a guy walking around the lobby, I think he might have been the manager or some type of staff. He would look at me weird like I didn't belong there. He never spoke to me, even when I asked him where I could get a luggage cart. He just turns around and walked away. But overall I would say the staff was great.

The Parking:

They have a parking garage which is good. But the parking situation is HORRIBLE! They charge you 48.00 a day for parking when you stay at the hotel. If you have people visiting you they charge them 22.00 per hour. They have a gate to go in and out of the garage witch you have to take a ticket each time. And it's not for security because anyone can walk into the garage from the streets. It's just to make sure you pay the ridiculous price of parking. If you go to the front desk they can give you a ticket to go in and out during your stay. I got stuck in that garage twice because my ticket wouldn't work. I would not suggest staying at this hotel if you have a car unless you like paying ridiculous fees and getting stuck at the gate.

The Pet Policy:

The pet policy is the reason why I choose this place in the first place. They only allow dogs & they stay free! On the website, it says they have to be under 25 pounds. But when I called the hotel they said they allow any size dog. They don't have anywhere specific to walk your pet but there is a small patch of grass you can use upfront.

My Overall Experience:

It was a good hotel overall. The hotel itself is aesthetically pleasing. The room was great and the staff was nice for the most part. Personally, I would not stay here again unless I have to. For the price and all the extra charges, it's not really worth it to me. I need at least need free Wifi. Mc Donalds gives free wifi so there is no excuse for them not to. I would ONLY recommend this hotel to my clients if they would only stay in a 4 or 5-star hotel or if they have dogs traveling with them.

I would give this hotel a 4 out of 5 stars.


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