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Traveling while in Quorenting from COVID-19

Sometimes you have to travel, either for work or for personal reasons during this stay at home quarantine time. I was in the middle of a trip when this first started. And had to adapt quickly to make sure my family and I stay safe. Here are some tips to make sure you and your family stay safe. But Please remember to STAY AT HOME as much as possible! Don't take any extra unnecessary risks. This is to just help you stay safe only if you HAVE TO travel outside of your home.

1. You Must Where Gloves

The first thing I got when this first started was some disposable gloves. And every time I get out of my car to go shopping or touch anything that everyone uses like gas pumps. I make sure to put them on. Make sure to throw them away before you enter your car or touch your door handle. If you are in an airport make sure not to touch anything unnecessary even with the gloves. And make sure you do not touch your face, body, clothes, or personal items when wearing the gloves. You want to make sure that you eliminate any chance the virus could spread to your area.

2. Wear a mask

I know there is a shortage of medical face masks. So please do not buy anything that will cause more of that. You can make your own masks at home using everyday products or you can buy one online. If you buy one please make sure it is a cloth mask that you can use more then once and is able to wash it. You do not want to waste something that is in short supply right now. But at the same time, you want to make sure you are safe.

3. Order to-go ( Don't sit into a restaurant)

Everyone has to eat, and if your traveling you want to make sure you watch how you get your food or where you eat it. Make sure you do not eat in at any restaurant. I'm not saying they are dirty but you do not want to take any unnecessary risks. You do not know who was in the restaurant before you.

4. Eliminate extra stops as much as possible.

You want to make sure you spend as little time as possible traveling. You want to eliminate any unnecessary stops. If you have to get gas make sure you get food also, so you don't have to stop again before you continue your trip. If you are traveling on a plane make sure you try to get a non-stop flight so you are not waiting around in an airport. Do don't want to expose yourself or your family if it is not necessary. You want to make sure you get to your destination as soon as possible with the least amount of exposure.

5. Stay away from other people as much as possible

Humans are social animals, But right now we need to protect ourselves and others. This is not a time to worry only about yourself. If you are traveling during this time you want to make sure that you try to stay away from as many people as. I'm not saying to be extra or rude to anyone. But you want to keep a distance. You do not know if that person has the virus or if you are carrying the virus and do not know about it yet. Some people could have a condition that they do not know about yet that if they caught the virus it could possibly kill them. We want to save as many lives as possible. If you have to deal with people make sure to always be nice and stand at least 4 to 6 feet away. Everyone is scared right now so please consider people's feelings.

6. Remember to stay calm

This is a scary time for everyone, but we will get threw this together. Everyone in the world is dealing with this right now, so you are not alone. There will be a time where this will be over with, but until then relax at home, hotel, or where ever you are staying during this time. We all need a break, so just enjoy it. This is a time for you to pamper yourself, binge watch your favorite show, or organize your house. Try to figure out what are you going to do after this is all over with. Find out how you can help to prevent it in the future. Also, try to help others in need who might not have it as good as you. I would recommend donating to a charity you care about if you can.

Traveling is always fun. But right now it is not time to travel for fun. Only travel when it is completely necessary, and please make sure you keep yourself and others safe. I am not an expert at this virus so please make sure you pay attention to your credited news source because there is a lot of miss-information out there about this. I just wanted to give you these tips because I want you to stay safe. I know a lot of people still have to travel for work or just to get home from where ever there are. If you use these tips I can't promise you will not get the virus but you will be safer then not doing these.


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